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    Fauna Yasenha (Approval)

    Fauna Yasenha
    Fauna Yasenha

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    Fauna Yasenha (Approval) Empty Fauna Yasenha (Approval)

    Post by Fauna Yasenha on Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:49 pm

    Fauna Yasenha (Approval) __tomorrow_is_another_day___bleach_oc_comm_by_bakawomans_dbfto63-pre
    Fauna Yasenha (Approval) 0OeODz3
    Name: (Fauna Yasenha)
    Nickname: (The Girl with the Devil's Blood/The Devil in a Girl's Body)
    Age: (24)
    Gender: (Female)
    Fauna Yasenha (Approval) GWSdYHs
    Height: (6 foot (6 foot 3 inches in heels) )
    Weight: (155 lb (70.3 kg) )
    Appearance: (In terms of her physical appearance, Fauna appears as a beautiful and well-endowed woman with peach tanned skin. Her chest size is a 38D-cup and takes a size 9 in shoes. However, some of her more unique traits comes from her face and hair; her eyes are a blood red due to the devil's blood from her father, although its not the only thing the blood affects. She tends to wear red eyeshadow, red lipstick and matching gel nail polish on her finger and toenails. She has long flowing black curly hair with two distinctive horn-shaped pigtails behind her head, wrapped up in red silk in a medieval criss-cross pattern.

    In terms of clothing, her normal outfit consists of a simple red dress with a black undershirt that has mess armor incorporated into its design, although the mess isn't visible as it is hidden under her dress. She wears black bandages around her knuckles that reach up to just beyond her elbows. She wears a red obi belt with a black string at the center with white padding on the inner part of the obi that sometimes softens blows and she also uses it to store ninja equipment on the back of the obi in pockets attached to it and also uses it to tuck her sheath into and by extension, her Wakizashi, Zetsubo no Sakuru. And lastly, she wears a pair of distinctive red and black heels with some Chinese-style pattern on the red part of the heels.

    Casually, she will wear a red and black kimono, decorated with black roses, red socks and a pair of red Geta with a black Y-shaped strap. She also tends to carry a red parasol while dressed casually. Another casual outfit she wears is a red and black halter-top dress with fishnet stockings and ring-loop gloves and her usual pair of heels.)
    Fauna Yasenha (Approval) EW0JlD2
    Village: (Tsukigakure/Hidden Moon Village)
    Character Rank: (Special Jonin)
    Character Tier: (B-3)
    Clan: (N/A)
    Element: (Fire, Lightning)
    Fauna Yasenha (Approval) IVLimad
    Personality: (Fauna tends to be friendly to most she meets, despite negative stigma due to her linage, she maintains a up front appearance. As a teacher at the academy, she enjoys teaching the next generation of ninja and also enjoys being around children, supporting them and even taking time to help in one-to-one sessions, either in studies or training. When not at work, she very much enjoys clothes shopping, especially for heels as she has a large collection at home. With adult men, she tends to be flirty and "accidentally" get close to them so they can see her breasts or playfully tease them. She tends to appear quite casual and relaxed, which tend to put people at ease when they talk to her. However, she's does have a serious side, especially with dealing with enemies or people who threat to hurt innocent people, especially children. When angered, her pupils become slits and the blood in her veins turn darker then normal. Her personality also seems to change, becoming more cruel and obsessive over her target's blood in a sadistic manner.

    While in a fight, she tends to focus on getting information about her opponent's fighting style before engaging in combat. When she does fight, she tends to mix taijutsu and ninjutsu together, using lightning style mainly when she uses taijutsu while also being able to attack from mid to long ranges, although she tends to focus more on close-quarters then long range. She has some ability in genjutsu, which she mainly uses to stun opponents or attempt to gain information from them. She also has a decent amount of skill in zanjutsu and uses her Wakizashi along with her lightning style jutsu. However, when in her blood lust mindset, she tends to focus more on causing as much suffering as possible, mainly using her Wakizashi to cause bloody wounds and even if a opponent is disabled, she will continue to make cuts in their flesh or even put her blade into the shoulders, legs and any other part to prolong their suffering with a tendency to lick the blood from her target to remember it for her blood sense.

    Her main desire, outside of becoming a ANBU is to find her lost father and achieve the powerful (and highly taboo) blood sage mode and its connected kekki genkai, blood release.)

    Character History: (When she was born in the snowy month of December, some say she was born under a full red moon, others say she spoke words of damnation when she was delivered into her mother's arms. Although there wasn't a consistent story besides one inescapable fact; she was the daughter of a man who had gained the highest form of the highly taboo and what most would consider one of the most evil styles of senjutsu; blood sage mode. Although Fauna grew up never really knowing much about her father or the devil's blood linage she possessed as he disappeared not long after she was born, around 6 months ago, so she was mainly raised by her mother.

    Growing up, her unusual features like her red eyes and her devil-like pupils when she was stressed or angered brought her bulling from other kids, tending to beat her up for her blood linage, calling her the devil in a girl's body or the girl with the devil's blood. Although her mother did her best to help her daughter when this happened by comforting her and taking her out for shopping, where Fauna learned her love for clothes and shoes, especially heels, even from a young age, imaging herself in them once she was old enough to wear them properly. Eventually, she was old enough to enter the ninja academy and began her journey as a kunoichi. She did well in her studies, enough that she was able to join advance classes that went over things like elemental chakra releases and other more advanced things about ninja lifestyle and tatics. She found that alongside being pretty good at ninjutsu, she actually found she also enjoyed taijutsu mixed in with her ninjutsu training, eventually learning she was able to do fire release and lightning release and continued to train to learn how to use her elemental chakra properly and how to apply it to jutsu.

    She eventually passed her exams and became a genin, becoming part of a team and a sensei where she continued to both trained with her team and taking on missions as a genin. After many missions with her team, they took on the chunin exams. It was here she first turned during a fight against a genjutsu user messing with her head and cutting her up, calling her the names of her past abuse finally snapped her mentally. Taking out a kunai, she didn't remember much after that, only coming out to see the boy screaming in agony with stab wounds all over his body and she could taste blood in her mouth and she knew it was this boy's blood and not her own. She looked at the wound on her hand as it slowly seemed to regenerate slowly with black blood closing the wound. She eventually managed to get through the exam and become a chunin.

    She was eventually able to take her own missions, yet she would always come back and visit her mother after a successful mission to spend time with her. She would also visit the academy, watching the younger students training and studying and eventually over time, wanted to become a teacher at the academy alongside her other goals. And so, focusing on becoming a special jonin, the minimum requirement for teachers at the academy, she applied and managed to get a job as a teacher for advanced ninjutsu arts and so it has remained as such, although her true goal is to find her father and join the elite shinobi within the hidden moon's ANBU black ops division.)

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