In a post-apocalyptic take on the Naruto series, three nations battle for survival against eachother and the elements of a world falling apart at the seams.
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Name: Kirei Uchiha
Nickname: Beast of Konoha
Age: 57 (Appears to be ~25)
Gender: Male
Kirei Uchiha GWSdYHs
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 197 Lbs.
Appearance: What to say about Kirei Uchiha? Well he was once described as cute by most of the elderly women in the Uchiha compound, now it is handsome by most of the female population of Otogakure. If you had asked his mother, she would still say he is cute. If you were to ask the elderly men, they would point towards his grandfather as being the originator of his looks, and style. Yes, the genetic good looks of the Uchiha seemed to run strong in his veins. He has the trademark black hair and charcoal eyes. They seem to gleam with a sense of seriousness, wisdom and, if you look deep enough, loneliness and a twinge of sadness. He has a very strong frame, befitting of one that has been through all he has. While his mouth is usually displaying a very neutral emotion, he is said to have a very wide, beautiful smile. He wears a black tee shirt with the Uchiha crest emblazoned on the back. His Oto Hitai-ite is sewn onto his left sleeve. His skin is rather pale, considering the time he spends in the sun, training. But, for all the work he puts in, his body shows it. There are several scars around his body, most seem to be of a severe nature. He heals very fast due to his condition, so it would be clear that these were very severe whenever they were dealt but even these scars get smaller each month. His pants are the typical shinobi type, with plenty of pockets and pouches for storage, interwoven with chakra steel for endurance and durability. His weapon pouch is worn in the middle, since he is ambidextrous, he is able to draw weapons with both his hands. His legs are wrapped with bandages from the mid-calf down, including his feet. On said feet, he wears the typical black version of the ninja sandals. His toned stomach is adorned with an intricate seal, woven with love and affection, powerful enough to subdue and keep back the most powerful of the tailed beasts.
Kirei Uchiha EW0JlD2
Village: Otogakure
Character Rank: S/Jounin
Character Tier: S-1
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Element: (Going to claim all past elements)
Bijuu Roll: Claiming Kurama from past site.
Kirei Uchiha IVLimad
Personality: Conservative. Serious. Prodigious. Kind. Apathetic. Calculative. Logical. Stubborn. These words may not seem to match up very well, but they are all words to describe one, Kirei Uchiha. He acts many different ways and has many different personality quirks based on who he is around and what he is doing. When around new people, he will often come across as very conservative and serious, not really liking to be the one to spark a conversation, though he will do so if needed. Though, this is mostly due to him being much more of an introvert around those he doesn't yet know. To those he does know, who know him on a very surface level, only what they can directly observe, they view him as a child prodigy, much like his grandfather. He is also seen as a kind man who will go out of his way to help those in need. Finally, are the traits only observable to those who truly know him on a deep, intimate level. They see that at times, when he gets serious, he is apathetic, turning off his emotions to give himself a much clearer train of thought. Not even he is sure where he learned to do this, but he got it down pat. He uses this to bring forth his logical and calculative traits, this is usually during missions going south or fights. He looks for the most logical path to take and does his best to predict any outcomes or variables, his opponents moves, the different paths a fight or whatever could take. He is definitely a planner, but should tings no go to his plan, he is stubborn enough to pursue them anyways. His hard head definitely runs down his family line, but he may have it worst of all. Due to past events and the traumas he suffered during the war, he holds a deep resentment for Tsukigakure and any of the Ootsutsuki Clan.

Character History: Kirei was born fifty-seven years ago to Kazue Uchiha. The birth was kept a secret in order to keep his grandfather's enemies from finding him. The night he was born, he came to the brink of death. It was only a quick, irreparable action taken by his grandfather that saved his life. He had the nine tailed demon fox sealed within him, it was the healing factor granted by the fox that fixed the problems he was having with his young lungs and heart. His mother then kept him in hiding for the next six years, training him in her spare time and keeping him hidden from the village. When he turned seven, he actually snuck out of the hidden bunker in the great forest to see what was outside the walls he had been confined to since birth. He found a city, a picture of his grandfather carved into a mountain, and thousands of shinobi living their lives. Seeing the shinobi moving about the city is what instantly made up his mind, he would be one of them. He would become a Shinobi. His mother, while apprehensive of the idea at first, eventually agreed. Though she said she would be upping his training, though this was no problem with Kirei. He spent a grand total of six months in the academy before he graduated. It turns out, having an ANBU and the daughter of the first Hokage adding to his daily training at home every night in a training session from hell was more of a help than a hindrance. He didn't graduate top of his class, only because he didn't graduate with his class. IT was after he graduated that his mother decided to sit him down and tell him about the Kyuubi. He took it relatively well, at the very least, he accepted it as a part of who he was and vowed that he would devote himself to mastering not only its power, but also that he would become the most powerful version of himself that he could. This of course made his mother proud, which in turn led to more intense training sessions with his mother. Not long after passing the graduation examination, he was sent on an SS-rank mission to the Turtle Island to train in the mastery of the Nine-tailed fox. He spent the next seven years on the island training, eventually his cousin came and helped train him, the son of the Legendary Okami Uchiha. After his training was complete, he returned to Konoha, where he appealed to be put into the ANBU program. He was accepted after displaying his skills. He was an ANBU captain when things went south and the Ootsutsuki invasion began. He and Kurama fought back with all their might, killing hundreds of the invaders, while thousands of his comrades were being mown down like cattle. This caused his own Sharingan to awaken and immediately evolve into the Mangekyou version. He used an unrefined Amaterasu to great effect during the defense of Konoha, but in the end, it fell and he was forced to resort to aiding the civilians and remaining shinobi in their attempts to leave the remains of their once great home. When they finally arrived in the slowly growing village of Otogakure, he immediately gouged out his own eyes and got a donation from the hospital. He didn’t want anything to do with that clan anymore. He now has a scar around his left eye that seems to never be healing, though thanks to his enhanced healing factor, he was able to make it through the transplant with ease and his new eyes even reverted to his natural obsidian coloration. After a few months of grieving and the war coming to a close, he decided to get back to what he did best, being a Shinobi. He went to the Otokage and asked for a chance to prove himself. He was given this chance in the way of saving the Otokage’s daughter from a group of three Ootsutsuki that had kidnapped her. He gladly accepted the mission. He and Kurama made it to where the three men were defiling the woman and flew into a rage. The three men were dead before they even realized it and their bodies didn’t hit the ground until Kirei and the woman were miles away. They were then swept up in a massive explosion that rendered the surrounding area to dust, destroying their bodies entirely. Upon Kirei returning the Kage’s daughter, alive, albeit quite shaken up, he was offered a position as a Jounin of Otogakure. He accepted gladly and has been doing missions and keeping up his training ever since.
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Kirei Uchiha
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