In a post-apocalyptic take on the Naruto series, three nations battle for survival against eachother and the elements of a world falling apart at the seams.
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PostSubject: Kozachi Soga [import]   Kozachi Soga [import] EmptySun Feb 10, 2019 9:26 am

Kozachi Soga [import] Maxresdefault
Kozachi Soga [import] 0OeODz3
Name: Kozachi Soga
Nickname: -
Age: 72
Gender: Female
Kozachi Soga [import] GWSdYHs
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 102 lbs
Appearance: Kozachi is a girl from Kirigakure, but since the end of the war, she's cast aside all of the uniform and gear that she'd normally have. Gone is the gauntlet and swords that she used to butcher countless honorable and innocent folk alike, and gone is the Kirigakure headband and shinobi uniform, replaced by simple homespun and the occasional festival dress. She has a slight but subtly powerful build, as years of martial training have allowed her to tone her body. She has back-length light red hair, which she has grown out since the war ended and she retired. Now that she's no longer a shinobi, she keeps it in a longer, more comfortable length. Her eye color still varies depending on the level of sage chakra within her body, ranging from light blue, to dark blue, to pink, to red. Her emotions tend to have a slight effect on this as well. However, her eyes almost always seem to be a more well controlled blue, almost grey for about 90% of the year.  
Kozachi tries to get as much rest as she can. In spite of this, on her worst days, she shows up with bags under her eyes, though this doesn’t happen often. She’s disciplined enough to keep good hygiene and body posture (so she’s unlikely to develop back problems in the future, if that means anything at all). However, much of this extends to combat only. In her normal life, she’s quite clumsy and absentminded, especially in the early mornings, kinda like… well, normal people. Her joints and bone structure are well-formed, and her skeleton, shaped by stress on hydroxyapatite, is fully functional.
However, rather than the young woman full of aspirations, her appearance is now slightly older, the various senjutsu employed to delay aging having worked its magic on her. She's grown taller and developed more, though the hardships of war have made her lean and scarred, especially over her right eye, which is missing entirely. Her face, though still far, FAR younger-looking than it had any right to be, still shows signs of stress and regret, although her expressions can harden into a scowl, which occurs quite frequently.
Kozachi Soga [import] EW0JlD2
Village: -
Character Rank:Sennin
Character Tier: S-1
Clan: Juugo
Element:Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water, Storm, Dust
Bijuu Roll: -
Kozachi Soga [import] IVLimad
Personality: Originally, Kozachi was the kind of person who was devoted to the idea of becoming a sort of symbol that people could look up to, a fighter for justice or something like that. Every time she trained, she kept this goal fully in mind. Even the pure color of her storm release, her favored element at the time, reflected the purity and loftiness of her sentiments. Coupled with the noble jackals who supported her cause and ideals, she became well known to friendly forces during the first third or so of the war. To her credit, she really truly believed that in keeping to a code and respecting the good in everyone, whether enemy or ally, she could help bring peace faster.
Yet due to the events of the war, by the time it ended, Kozachi was no longer recognizable, both physically and mentally. Gone was the belief in the goodness of mankind, or the trust in "justice" of any kind. The woman who went out into the wild and into retirement was bitter, cynical, and close-minded. She's become devious and ruthless in combat, resorting to all kinds of cheap tactics and unfair preparation if she has the chance. During that last few years of the war, she cast aside storm release entirely, heavily favoring the mass destruction of Dust Release whenever it worked, her large purple geometric constructs becoming a sign of impending destruction.
Sadly, her personality has also become somewhat spiteful. She has a mild-to-strong hatred of Ootsutsuki clan members, often referring to them disparagingly using terms like "MoonMan" and the like. This is not a surprise, considering that they were her primary target during the war, but repeated clashes with them over time have only served to deepen her distaste for the clan and its members for her.
Character History: Kozachi was born to two happy parents in Kirigakure. They were poor, but they made do well enough... until they had a daughter. Naturally, being who they were, they kept as much of an upbeat attitude as they could. Kozachi began to understand her family's situation from an early age, but unlike some of the other youth of her time, she didn't become disillusioned with the society around her. It was somehow easy for her to understand that this was just how the world was, and that the only thing she could hope to do at her age was to do little things within the system to try to make the lives of the people around her just a shade more happy.

She must have been about eight or so when she witnessed her father's death. Disease had been running around that part of town for a good time now, so it was just a matter of bad luck that her father had managed to contract something nasty. He slowly bled out while handing over the remainder of the business to his wife and young daughter, who entered the ninja academy soon thereafter. With her kind, quiet, naive attitude, nobody would have expected that she was a single child.

Although she had a penchant for the charming yet annoying clumsiness that defined her off-duty life from that point forward. In spite of this, she still advanced at a steady pace, making it out of the academy and becoming an official shinobi within the normal time allotted. Through her various missions, she supported herself as well as her mother. It wasn't a bad job, being a shinobi, especially for someone with her lineage. The jutsu that she learned were a surefire means of controlling the nameless depravity eating away at her soul.

She met plenty of people, but tried (in spite of her cheerful personality) not to get too attached to anyone. At this point, she had become rather self-conscious of her rather singular physiology, and didn't want the common shinobi to find out about it. Only the higher-ups needed to know at all, and that was only because she might need someone to bail her out if she ever went berserk. Nowadays, though, her temper was improving quite a bit. Regular chakra usage turned out to have been the way to go for her, or so it seemed for some time.

Soon, however, it seemed that the depravity was slowly returning. Simply casting jutsu no longer had the same effectiveness it once did. Naturally, because the resurgence was only slightly, Kozachi thought that maybe she could deal with it on her own. After all, she hadn't had an incident in year. Thus far, her efforts have been successful, though that could change soon with the right impetus. It'd take quite a bit, with her discipline, to push her over the edge, but she hadn't yet learned the perfect control mechanism to hold back the insanity. As such, thus far, every safeguard she's tried is bound to fail eventually.

Kozachi eventually worked to develop the types of Sage Mode that she could use to repress the feelings she had in her heart. To the Jackal sage mode and normal sage mode, she fused the Lightning Release Armor, then split it two ways into a Storm Release variant and a Dust Release variant. The former was the one she used exclusively at the time, shunning the latter entirely, as it seemed "inhumane" to her. Nobody, no matter how evil, needed to face that kind of disgusting power.

Her sudden rise in power put her at the forefront of her community, turning her into a renowned figurehead of justice and peace. Of course, years later when the war started, everything changed for the worse.

Kozachi tried her best. She really did. But eventually, the invaders from the moon just got too strong, and simple sage-infused storm release beams and projectiles just didn't cut it. The surprise and timing of Dust Release worked most of the time, and carefully laid traps and disruption covered for the rest of the situations. Slowly, she fell further and further away from honorable, face to face combat and more toward sly strategies that assured victory, even at the sacrifice of the unwitting.

Indeed, she figured out that to cripple an army, all she had to do was attack their civilian population. Hospitals, food silos, orphanages, and such were all primary targets for her from that point forward. Perhaps she had a somewhat faulty expectation that the war would have lasted a lot longer than it did, but you could argue that the war ended so quickly because of the atrocities she unleashed on the moon.

After the war ended, she felt somewhat regretful about some of the things that had happened, but the past was out of her control now. The only thing she could do was bite the bullet and move on with her life, or what was left of it. With her village gone and the war (at least, in her mind) lost, she wanted to get as far away from her old home as possible.

To that end, she built a small cottage far from major thoroughfares, and hung up her weapons and uniform, hoping never to have to use them again.
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