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    Kuroh Kiseki


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    Kuroh Kiseki Empty Kuroh Kiseki

    Post by Kuroh on Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:17 am

    Kuroh Kiseki -Insert picture link here-
    Kuroh Kiseki 0OeODz3
    Name: Kuroh Kiseki
    Nickname: The Immortal
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Kuroh Kiseki GWSdYHs
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 157 Lbs
    Appearance: He has black hair and green eyes, these often lead to him being overlooked as he doesn't stand out in a crowd. His eyes seem to gleam with a sense of seriousness, wisdom and, if you look deep enough, loneliness and a twinge of sadness. He has a very strong frame, befitting of one that has been through all he has. While his mouth is usually displaying a very neutral emotion, he is said to have a very wide, beautiful smile. He wears a navy blue tee shirt with the moon crest emblazoned on the back. Over this, he wears a sleeveless grey hoodie with the Kiseki family crest embroidered into its back. His Tsuki Hitai-ite is sewn onto his left sleeve. His skin is rather pale, considering the time he spends in the sun, training. But, for all the work he puts in, his body shows it. There are several scars around his body, most seem to be of a very mild nature. He typically wears a His pants are the typical shinobi type, with plenty of pockets and pouches for storage, interwoven with chakra steel for endurance and durability. His weapon pouch is worn in the middle, since he is ambidextrous, he is able to draw weapons with both his hands. His legs are wrapped with bandages from the mid-calf down, including his feet. On said feet, he wears the typical black version of the ninja sandals.
    Kuroh Kiseki EW0JlD2
    Village: Tsukigakure
    Character Rank: Genin
    Character Tier: D-3
    Clan: Kiseki Clan
    Element: N/A
    Bijuu Roll: No
    Kuroh Kiseki IVLimad
    Personality: Conservative. Serious. Prodigious. Kind. Apathetic. Calculative. Logical. Stubborn. These words may not seem to match up very well, but they are all words to describe one, Kosuke Akane. He acts many different ways and has many different personality quirks based on who he is around and what he is doing. When around new people, he will often come across as very conservative and serious, not really liking to be the one to spark a conversation, though he will do so if needed. Though, this is mostly due to him being much more of an introvert around those he doesn't yet know. To those he does know, who know him on a very surface level, only what they can directly observe, they view him as a child prodigy. He is also seen as a kind guy who will go out of his way to help those in need.

    Finally, are the traits only observable to those who truly know him on a deep, intimate level. They see that at times, when he gets serious, he is apathetic, turning off his emotions to give himself a much clearer train of thought. Not even he is sure where he learned to do this, but he got it down pat. He uses this to bring forth his logical and calculative traits, this is usually during missions going south or fights. He looks for the most logical path to take and does his best to predict any outcomes or variables, his opponents moves, the different paths a fight or whatever could take.

    He is definitely a planner, but should tings no go to his plan, he is stubborn enough to pursue them anyways. His hard head definitely runs down his family line, but he may have it worst of all. The near extinction of his clan really left a deep impact on him. He will often seek to find solitude and those who talk bad about his clan are quick to make him anger. He, when angered, gets a sadistic streak, leading to some torturous behavior in some occasions.

    Character History:
    Born to two mystery parents and left in an orphanage within the village of Tsukigakure. He was in that orphanage for five years before a wealthy couple came along looking to adopt. They were incapable of having their own children, so they wanted to adopt. They chose the young, dark haired boy, Kuroh Kiseki, Immortal Heaven and Earth. They raised him in a good home, looking to turn him into a proper gentleman. From the time he moved in until he was seven years old he was trained in proper manners and even some shinobi things. A boy needed to defend himself after all. Though, he wanted to join the academy and become a ninja. So his parents had him entered into a class of final year students hoping it would discourage him. It didn't, instead, he grew and prospered into a fine shinobi. After graduating the academy, he was placed on a genin team. Though, their first mission did not go as planned. They were on a mission in the land of forests, to get a client from Tsukigakure into their hometown located about thirty miles outside of Hoshigakure. It had been going well, until they were attacked by a group of masked shinobi. Their sensei had defended them and the client, until he was crushed in an earth jutsu. His two teammates had been caught in a wood style ninjutsu that caused wooden stakes to erupt from their bodies. His mind went numb as he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck, and his world faded to black.

    When he awoke, he found that he was standing in some form of circle drawn with blood, from the pain in his stomach and chest, he could tell it was his own blood. Looking around he saw the masked men standing around him, and a woman, seemingly in her thirties kneeling on the floor, looking beaten. He went to ask what was happening when one of the shinobi forced him to swallow the contents of a vial. As he swallowed, he would feel the texture and recognize the iron taste of blood.. One of the men took out a retractable spear and stabbed him in his stomach. As he cried out in pain, the woman did the same, as she had been stabbed too. The rest of the men, pulled out their spears and did the same. This continued for hours, the woman finally giving out at some point. For the next month, Kuroh was subjected to the worst imaginable tortures, from having his limbs frozen off, to being literally ripped in half. When his life ended, they knocked him out only for him to awaken as he did that first day, forced to kill an innocent bystander in order to sustain his newfound curse. This continued for five long years. He knew that no one was coming to save him, and his body had grown accustom to the torture, and eventually he succumbed to the pain and just endured, a soulless husk of himself. Though, one day, something... Snapped. It was the day of his birth, the anniversary at least. . He had just been stabbed by the first shinobi, when his eyes snapped open, revealing nothing but pure rage. As the second guard went to stab him, he caught the mans wrist and snapped it. As he did, he took his retractable spear and stabbed the man that was behind him in the eye, killing him instantly. So it seemed they didn't share his gift. He pulled the other retractable spear out of his side as he glanced at the remaining three guards, his face holding a truly manic smile. He dashed towards them and stabbed two of them in the heart, dead instantly. The third shinobi fled, much faster than he could hope to run, so he searched the rest of the base killing any and all scientists he found. Once he had killed them, he folded up the spear and strapped it to his back, exiting the lab area he headed back towards the coast of the land of Forests. When he got there, he realized that he was about to die of blood loss, so as he found a spot not far from the village hidden under the moon, he would close his eyes as his body succumbed to the loss of its life fluid. Moments later, his eyes reopened themselves.

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