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    DNA/Surgery System


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    DNA/Surgery System Empty DNA/Surgery System

    Post by Zenzō on Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:13 pm

    DNA is obtained willingly or unwillingly from PCs, NPCs, or STAFF NPCs.
    Depending on the type of DNA wanted, depends on the methods you can use to claim it.

    One can only obtain 3 transplanted DNA, any natural born DNA that you have does not count towards this total.

    Sharingan - PCs, NPC, or STAFF NPC
    Mangekyo/EMS - PCs, STAFF NPCs

    Byakugan - PCs, NPC, STAFF NPC
    Tenseigan - PCs, STAFF NPCs

    Advanced Release KKG- PCs,NPC, Staff NPC

    OTHERS - Determined on a case by case basis.

    Medical skill is required if you want a transplant from another PC. This is detailed in the Skills section.

    If you want it done in a hospital, you must do a roll of a 100 sided die, you must roll above 70 to succeed, otherwise its a fail and you must do 10 posts recovery before you can attempt surgery again. Three failed surgeries in a row will result in the DNA being destroyed

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