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    Akashiya Clan


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    Akashiya Clan Empty Akashiya Clan

    Post by Zenzō on Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:47 pm

    Clan Name: Akashiya Clan
    Clan Symbol:
    Clan History: The Akashiya Clan was thought to be an ancient order of vampires. They began in the years even before the Sage of six paths as of the leading powers in the world. Though eventually, like countless clans before, they were hunted to near extinction. Though, with the unlocking of chakra in humans by the sage of six paths, they were able to return, though some of them use a special seal to hide their true power. After they were able to start spreading their family out farther and gain true political power, they set up in a minor village. Steadily growing in power, some of the world saw them as a threat as they sustained themselves on the blood of humans. Even against this threat, the Akashiya clan continued to prosper until they were directly threatened by a group of ninjas. Once this threat was put down, they started to grow reclusive and much more introversive, relying less and less on any funds or payment from the village. Now, nearly two hundred years later, the clan has started a resurgence and have resurfaced in the world, where they have been in hiding for thirty years. With their power mostly unknown, it is easier for them to blend in to the shinobi populace
    Clan Size: 5PCs, 50 NPCs
    Clan Appearance: All members of this clan have white hair and red, slitted eyes. They commonly have a pale complexion and very pronounced canine teeth. The only way to hide this appearance is with a special rosario seal crafted to look like the clans crest.
    Clan Location: Scattered.
    Clan's Reputation: Unknown by most, very few may know legends.
    Clan Ability/KKg Description: Semi-passive healing: when damage is done, they will passively draw on their chakra reserves to heal damage done. The amount of chakra needed is dependant on the amount of damage that is being healed with more damage or more severe damage taking more chakra to heal. If one does not have the chakra required to heal damage, then this ability fails. One is not able to control this ability, meaning you cannot force it to heal you or hold it back from healing you and drawing on your reserves. This healing is instantaneous in that it happens in one post.

    Slight scratches and cuts ,light burns -30 chakra
    Broken bones, lacerations, gashes heavy burns -50 chakra
    Damaged organs, severed limbs, incinerated tissue -100 chakra
    Destroyed organs, missing body parts/tissue -150 chakra
    Major body destruction, deadly wounds, full or half incineration -200 chakra

    Clan bonuses: +2x chakra gain increase  (also applies to chakra trained/gained from tiers)(medical jutsu do not work on members of this clan or those with the kekkei genkai)

    Clan jutsus: TBD

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