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    Kōmori (Fauna's Personal Summon)

    Fauna Yasenha
    Fauna Yasenha

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    Kōmori (Fauna's Personal Summon) Empty Kōmori (Fauna's Personal Summon)

    Post by Fauna Yasenha on Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:48 pm

    Name: Kōmori (Literally meaning "Bat")
    Rank: B
    Species: Giant Vampire Bat
    Description: Kōmori (Bat) is a giant vampire bat, equal in size with a small house. He has large, sensitive bat ears that he uses for echolocation to detect prey or incoming enemies; however they are so sensitive that normal talking to Kōmori is like shouting at him, so he normally asks people to speak gently or in whispers as he prefers not to get a headache from all the talking people do. He has a furry back, covered in black fur and large bat wings with black scales covering them to make them more resistant to damage. He also wears a long, red silk rope around his neck to allow Fauna or another passager to hold on; however he very much dislikes the ribbon as he finds it "too girly" for his tastes. He's quite gruff, especially if he's summoned during his nap till midnight, which tends to be the case a lot of the time, so he ends up acting like he got out the wrong side of bed; grumpy, irritable and serious. He does enjoy drinking blood and normally does it to cheer himself up after being summoned. If he is summoned during daylight hours, he can also be see wearing a giant sleeping mask with a kawaii bat saying "I swear I only drink blood on weekends" written in a comic style bubble
    History: Originally the summon of her Father, her mother waited till Fauna was of age to take on her father's summon, around when she was about to take on her promotion to special jonin.
    Reputation: The vampire bats in general tend to have a negative reputation, especially due to their blood sage arts (sometimes called "Dark Sage arts"). As for Kōmori himself, he hasn't done much himself besides snacking on a few bandits and people foolish enough to try and take the power of the blood sages or just because he felt like drinking fresh blood that day
    Abilities: Kōmori doesn't have many abilities (unless you count flying, which he can fly at a speed of 70m/s) and having a knack for the fire style, which he has one unique jutsu.

    Strength: B-3
    Speed: B-1 Walking Speed: 30m/s, Flight Speed: 70m/s
    Durability: B-3
    Stamina: B-1
    Perception: B-1

      Traditional: Expert


    Name: Fire Style: Red Moon Blast Jutsu
    Rank: B
    Type: Offensive
    Element: Fire
    Range: Mid-Long Range
    Description: Kōmori charges up the flames inside his mouth into a ball shape, before firing it as a think, wide beam of fire, able to cause wide-scale destruction and cause burns of varying intensity, depending on how much the person was caught in the attack
    Requirements: Exclusive to the bat clan and if those bats possess the fire style

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    Kōmori (Fauna's Personal Summon) Empty Re: Kōmori (Fauna's Personal Summon)

    Post by Zenzō on Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:10 pm


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