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In a post-apocalyptic take on the Naruto series, three nations battle for survival against eachother and the elements of a world falling apart at the seams.
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PostSubject: Zenzō Hakuja   Zenzō Hakuja Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2018 10:27 pm

Zenzō Hakuja Zenzo110
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Name: Zenzō Hakuja
Nickname: Zen ||| N/A
Age: 62 (Appears ~20’s)
Gender: Male
Zenzō Hakuja GWSdYHs

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 195 Lbs.
Appearance: Zen appears as an average boy in his late teens or early twenties. He has brown hair and light brown eyes. All in all, he has a rather bland and dull appearance, not really sticking out from a crowd. He dresses in mostly black clothing as well, so he doesn’t stick out at all for the most part. He does however possess a certain gleam in his eyes that, seems to belie that there is more going on in his mind than might appear to be happening outside. He is a pro at hiding his emotions, from years of practice. His posture is often seen as very relaxed and calm, when upon closer inspection he is always alert and ready to spring into action. His black cloak hides a ton of pockets and seals to store items in, such as weapons and things of a smaller nature. He wears his hitai-ite around his neck for the most part, hung loosely with a knot. But sometimes he shifts it to his right bicep in case he needs it out of the way. His body is relatively muscular though this may change depending on if he uses his bloodline or not. He wears basically the same things regardless of if he is on a mission, training or just walking around town, with the only discrepancy being sometimes he wears a white cloak as opposed to a black one. He tries to hold a low profile as much as possible, thus he dresses very blandly. He enjoys darker colors than lighter colors but if needed, he prefers white over any other “bright” coloration. His hair is worn loosely around his head, usually messy but it’s rather straight so it doesn’t get too messy like others.
Zenzō Hakuja EW0JlD2

Village: Hoshigakure Konoha
Character Rank: Sennin
Character Tier: D-3
Element: Roll
Bijuu Roll: N/A

Zenzō Hakuja IVLimad

Personality: Zen’s personality is very much reflective of his age, more so than his appearance. He is pragmatic and patient, never moving more than he needs to. But he is also driven and motivated. His singular goal is immortality. His family died young and left him mostly alone in the world, at least, he is unaware of anyone left in his clan. He became obsessed with attaining protection from dying in the manner that his parents and siblings had. He is afraid of death, afraid of leaving without making his mark. Afraid of what lies beyond. But, he has lived this long and has made many strides in attaining his goal. To others, he appears to be an old soul, a withered traveler, young and having seen many things in the world that affected his psyche to the point of making him seem older than he looks. Though most of this is due to him actually being older than he looks. He finds enjoyment in powerful opponents that can give him a challenge, though he knows when he is outclassed and his fear will keep him from getting in over his head. He won’t get into a fight he can’t win or tie. He can get along with others, mostly due to his natural curious nature that he is interested in seeing how other people think and react to different things compared to how he does or would.

Character History:

Zenzō was born over six decades ago when the land was still calm and villages were still powerful. He lived in Konohagakure, before it was destroyed in the war. Either way, back in the time he was born, Konoha was still a bustling metropolis, or at least as much as it could be with its Leader murdered in cold blood, leaving a power-gap. Criminality was at an all time high and safety an all time low when he was born. He grew up basically living off the streets, the scraps of the elite. His family poor and withered. Unaware of their own latent potential. After a few years, they got a much better leader who took over from the corrupted council. With Amaya taking over their village, his family lived in much lesser forms of poverty than they had prior, but still in the slums of the village. He finally decided to pursue a career as a Shinobi in order to make enough money to support them. This went well for a few years before his entire family fell ill with a strange illness. It left them bedridden. Which led to their eventual deaths when the Black Sun came and wiped out their village. He was assigned to evacuating a district on the other side of the village, he was unable to assure they got out safely. But, he also knew they couldn’t fend for themselves anyways, so he looked at it as a form of mercy. When Konoha  was destroyed, he left the village and began roaming the lands. He came across many different people and nations, even discovering his own unique kekkei genkai that had protected him, subconsciously, from the effects of the illness that had destroyed his family. He spent the next years, as he traveled, studying ways to become immortal and immune to the wiles of death. He ended up moving to focus on utilizing DNA from clans graced with their own forms of immortality. Though it was a difficult task gathering samples to study, but that’s where he spent a majority of his life thus far, using his own kekkei genkai to slow his aging almost to a halt from the moment he discovered it. Four years ago, he finally decided to settle down in The Land of Forests, knowing that it was time to settle in and try accomplishing  his goals.
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Zenzō Hakuja
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