In a post-apocalyptic take on the Naruto series, three nations battle for survival against eachother and the elements of a world falling apart at the seams.

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    Makoto Saito Empty Makoto Saito

    Post by Makoto on Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:25 pm

    Makoto Saito Black_Ninja_by_gelgoogkg
    Makoto Saito 0OeODz3
    Name: Makoto Saito
    Nickname: TBD
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Makoto Saito GWSdYHs
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 180
    Appearance: Makoto is described as a tan, young, good looking adult. He has a few battle scars from fights with punks around the village but other than that his skin is fairly pure. He stands at around 6'1 and is still growing and his build is lean.
    Makoto Saito EW0JlD2
    Village: Hoshigakure
    Character Rank: D
    Character Tier: D-3
    Clan: N/A
    Element: Rolling
    Bijuu Roll: Rolling for 7
    Makoto Saito IVLimad
    Personality: Makoto Hyuga is a cheerful ninja, aside from his negative experiences due to losing his parents. Socializing isn't an issue for him as he enjoys meeting new people and having a mere enthusiastic like voice all the time, he tries to lighten things up when people are down or sad as if he is ever not in the mood he'll start thinking about his parents. Generally, he is a peaceable person however if he must deal with an enemy, he will take care of it with ease if possible, as he is the utmost confident within his skills due to his high work ethic and knowing what he puts into his training through his uncle. Makoto is known to get to focused with the future instead of the now, and however even through his struggles he is the type of ninja to persevere through the challenge and to keep going.

    Character History: Makoto’s past is quite in the unfamiliar. All he knows is that his parents are dead, and he hasn’t seemed to find any family members at all. He has no clan so there are no family friends as well as he just knows the village but even then, he knows it just barely due to the fact of not going out as much as he needed too. He has dealt with village bullies who seemed to punk him do to the fact of him not growing up with much parental guidance as well as being extremely confident, borderline arrogant. Makoto doesn’t remember anything within the past years so he sets off to start his own history, as a genin.

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    Makoto Saito Empty Re: Makoto Saito

    Post by Kosuke on Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:35 pm


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